How magician Dynamo levitated on a London bus

Trickster Illusionist Dynamo must think we're all a bunch of suckers.

After footage showing him to be "hovering" on the side of a double-decker bus hit the headlines, it's had heads scratching across the globe.

From first glance all seems fairly legit, as he rises above the ground and levitates, holding onto the bus as it rides along the streets on London, but all is not what it seems.
So, how'd he do it?
Thanks to a bunch of sleuths on the Facebook page, we've figured it out.
And it's fairly simple, really.

Look at the arm holding onto the bus in the footage. Look at it closely.
It's a FAKE!
The arm is infact a metal pole that has been fastened to the bus and is supporting Dynamo's weight while he holds on.
Dynamo's real arm is in tucked inside his chest.
A few signs from our social media sleuths include the fact that his fingers don't move in the clip and there are no people around when he hovers up and down the bus.
in fact, at second glance the arm attached to the bus looks pretty phony.
Dynamo isn't the first to accomplish this "phenomena of perception".

German street performer Johan Lorbeer has been recorded hanging off walls in all sorts of impossible locations, including the sides of street buildings and shop facades since 2002.

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