Brain to Brain Interface

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis Explains Brain to Brain Interface Study Published in Scientific Reports:

A brain-to-brain interface (BTBI) enabled a real-time transfer of behaviorally meaningful sensorimotor information between the brains of two rats. In this BTBI, an “encoder” rat performed sensorimotor tasks that required it to select from two choices of tactile or visual stimuli. While the encoder rat performed the task, samples of its cortical activity were transmitted to matching cortical areas of a “decoder” rat using intracortical microstimulation (ICMS).
Experimental apparatus scheme 
a BTBI for transferring cortical motor signals.
The decoder rat learned to make similar behavioral selections, guided solely by the information provided by the encoder rat's brain. These results demonstrated that a complex system was formed by coupling the animals' brains, suggesting that BTBIs can enable dyads or networks of animal's brains to exchange, process, and store information and, hence, serve as the
basis for studies of novel types of social interaction and for biological computing devices.

Intercontinental brain-to-brain interface
to transfer cortical tactile information.

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